Because we are constantly perfecting our order process for years, we've been able to streamline every order for our Clients to a quick, easy and secure process within a 6-Step Order Structure. Review our 6-Step Order Structure below to know exactly what you need to do to get started with us


Identify the types of Marble & Natural Stone you would like to choose from our selection.

STEP 1 Requirements & Key Notes

Ensure your order meets our minimum amount of 3,500 Square Feet (330 Square Meters).

Each Marble & Natural Stone type needs to have the exact Square Feet / Square Meters you need (with the total amount accounted for as well).

(If your order is Cut-to-size), Each Marble & Natural Stone type you want to order must include the exact cut measurements you need (For example... 12" X 12", 24" X 24", 36" X 36").

If you are unsure about the complete design of our slabs, you can contact us at or message us on our website via our Chat-box to request full slab pictures of the Marble & Natural Stone types you want to order.


Send us your complete order as mentioned in Step 1 (with Step 1 Key Note Requirements) via email to

STEP 2 Requirements & Key Notes

Your order sent via email must include the following details:

Full Billing Company Name

Company Address 

Company Telephone

Company Email

Purchasing Representative Full Name

Purchasing Representative Email

Purchasing Representative Direct Telephone / Mobile 

All Marble & Natural Stone Product Names

All Marble & Natural Stone Product Quantity (Per Product)

Delivery Address

Any Specific Order Requirements as Needed by You


STEP 3 Requirements & Key Notes

We will process your order within 1 - 24 hours and call you during business hours to review and confirm your order 

Depending on our current workload, your order will be processed within 1-24 hours. We try our best to process each order we receive with as little waiting time for our Clients as possible.

During our call we have together, we will briefly go over your order details with you to ensure everything is 100% accurate and according to your order requirements

We will summarize your complete order details during our call and reference your order requirements back to you for confirmation.

The Supplier Representative that you speak with will be your point of contact moving forward. Our Supplier Representatives are available Monday - Sunday 8am - 10pm for any questions your may have regarding your order.

If you have any questions after our call has concluded, you can easily contact the Supplier Representative who you spoke with via a local number (provided to you during the call) or by email at


We will send you a pro forma invoice within 1 - 24 hours from finishing our call together

STEP 4 Requirements & Key Notes

The pro forma invoice will outline your complete order details according to the previous Steps concluded.

The pro forma invoice will be valid for five Business Days from the issue date. If the pro forma invoice is not confirmed via email (in response to the email sent to you), the pro forma invoice will be invalid and a new pro forma invoice will need to be issued.

If you did not receive a Purchase Order Number within your pro forma invoice, please contact your Supplier Representative so that he/she may confirm your Purchase Order Number with you.

The pro forma invoice will have the complete projected main schedule dates for your entire order process. You will be able to use this as a initial schedule guide for you to plan receiving your order at your preferred delivery address.

If you have any questions related to your pro forma invoice, please kindly contact your Supplier Representative directly at his/her contact number or email (provided to you previously).


STEP 5 Requirements & Key Notes

Make payment as per the instructions via the pro forma invoice sent to you during Step 4 and send us your payment receipt via email as per the instructions within the pro forma invoice we sent you during Step 4.

The payment receipt should be sent via email only to

Your payment receipt must include your Purchase Order Number mentioned on your pro forma invoice (this allows us to properly track your payment receipt within our internal payment management system.

If you have any questions related to your payment receipt and/or payment process, please kindly contact your Supplier Representative directly at his/her contact number or email (provided to you previously).


STEP 6 Requirements & Key Notes

You're Finished! Your order is on the way!

After all Steps 1 - 5 have been completed, we will then send you a confirmation email stating the completion of processing your order.

Our Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA & QC) Process is conducted before, during and after the production of your order. Each QA & QC Checklist along with complete order updates, photos and videos will be sent to you to give you inside access to your order.

If you would like to make any changes to your order, all changes must be communicated via email with a follow-up call made to your Supplier Representative during and before your order is loaded. Any changes to your order after your order has been loaded cannot be made.

Once your order has been sent to your preferred delivery address, we will send you a order delivery confirmation email with a follow-up call notifying you that your order is on the way!



Our 6-Step Order Process as mentioned above is our base foundation in which we process our orders. Please note that all orders are different from one-another. Our 6-Step Order Process can have extended steps and / or action items needed to be completed that are not mentioned above. Please note that if an order does require additional action items and / or is more complex, we assure all our Clients that we will provide the highest-level and most-convenient available order process in which is applicable for their order. Any/all time needed to complete an individual order is strictly depending on the specific order's requirements and varies from order to order.

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